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An evolutionary parking system.

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With a ParkMagic in-car display (ICD) device, purchasing parking time is as fast and easy as a mobile phone call. For both drivers and parking managers, the ParkMagic system streamlines the parking process.

Simply park, call our toll-free number and select an amount
of time from your account. Within seconds, your parking start time is displayed. Easily purchase a ParkMagic ICD and additional time online. And get real-time access to your account information online for complete oversight.


ParkMagic Corporate
For municipalities, fleet managers and other organizations that oversee parking on a large scale, ParkMagic seamlessly integrates with existing parking systems and provides a host of benefits. Tailor fees to specific parking zones and times of day, and access real-time parking information—with no added training or integration costs.

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ParkMagic Consumer
No more feeding parking meters or hiking to a curbside machine for a time display ticket. Make a quick call on your mobile phone to easily place parking time on your in-car display (ICD) device. And if you’re running late, and the parking zone allows for more time, you can add time remotely. Your account balance is also securely stored in the ParkMagic network, not in your device.

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